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Bolivar in Oslo is Restaurant Branding Design in Type

On 09, Sep 2014 | | In Branding, Identity, Typography |

Bolivar restaurant branding design by Heydays Design Agency. From the designer:

Bolivar is a small piece of South America served in Oslo through authentic food, wine and cigars. Inspired by personal travels and experiences, the identity reflects the owners own impressions of the continent. Joyful, vocal and varied.

bolivar restaurant branding 001

bolivar restaurant branding 002

bolivar restaurant branding 003

bolivar restaurant branding 004

bolivar restaurant branding 005

bolivar restaurant branding 006

bolivar restaurant branding 007

bolivar restaurant branding 008



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Non-Profit Branding for Fahrenheit

On 05, Sep 2014 | | In Branding |

Non-profit branding for Fahrenheit by Elia Pirazzo.

fahrenheit non profit branding 001

fahrenheit non profit branding 002

fahrenheit non profit branding 003

fahrenheit non profit branding 004

fahrenheit non profit branding 005

fahrenheit non profit branding 006

fahrenheit non profit branding 007

fahrenheit non profit branding 008

From the designer:

Fahrenheit is a non-governmental organization active in Angola since 2001.
After twenty-seven years of civil war , millions of deaths and tens of thousands of orphans , we decided to intervene to return to every child their right to dream.
Promoting international cooperation projects aimed at recovering that childhood abandoned that too often poured into the streets becoming easy prey to prostitution , drug abuse and crime .
We support the social and occupational reintegration of children and their families.
We strive to ensure their active role and a decent future in society through projects supporting education training.
We guarantee ongoing support to children, through training and refresher courses.
We support the work of organizations, schools and health facilities that stand out for their expertise and presence in the area .
“We work for people”
Autonomy and independence from any political and religious affiliation.
Total respect of the donor and the recipient.
Guarantee of the collective interest of all forms of particular interest.
Guarantee the use of the means and financial resources in accordance with the maximum fairness and optimization of themselves in terms of institutional objectives.
Rejection of all forms of discrimination in any type of relationship inside and outside.
-Reduction of child abandonment
-recreational activities aimed at their social reintegration
-protection, nutrition and improvement of sanitary conditions
-Creation of employment and social inclusion
-technical and vocational training for street children
-support and goodwill of local productive activities or small craft businesses imprese artigiane






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Datarank is a Branding Whale of a Time

On 04, Sep 2014 | | In Branding, Identity |

Sometimes brands are complicated. Sometimes they’re simple. James Graves’ branding of data rank strikes that oh-so delicate balance. Check out his Dribbble page.

From the designer:

Casey Spitnale, a good friend and awesome designer, worked with me on some branding concepts for Datarank. We each did some sketches for icons and type. The end logo has my whale and Casey’s custom type.

The team at Datarank made it a really fun project. They have a great eye for design and are easy to work with. They’re a great bunch of guys. Check them out by clicking the link below.

datarank logo branding 01 datarank logo branding 03 datarank logo branding 05 datarank logo branding 06



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Branding Design for Paper Mill in Hungary – Vinczemill

On 03, Sep 2014 | | In Branding |

Who said branding design couldn’t be beautiful and historical at the same time? Not Cecília Pletser.

There she is, tasked with creating another original piece. Another moment of forced inspiration. The tapping of her pencil against a desk full of eraser bits. Need inspiration. Forget it. She heads out for a walk to clear her head.

Gorgeous day. It’s a crisp cold and beautiful blue sky that makes you glad you have a warm coat. A walk in the park – literally – with her hands warming in insulated jacket pockets. Children play in the distance on the steps of a museum. She wanders in to see a display advertising the new exhibit on “tools.” Looks promising. She takes a single step into the museum and a lightning bolt of branding design hits her. WHAM!

There on the wall is a hand drawing, perhaps letterpressed. It’s old-fashioned paper-makin’. A lone worker bent over his station making paper as deliberately as as a watchmaker. A glimmer of pride in his eyes knowing that no one else can make his paper. A deep understanding of the careful bond holding otherwise disparate fibers together. This is strength and care and handcraft. This is the work of a master.

The image is burned into her mind, her head simmering like the hot mulch in the picture. She quickly snaps a photo and dashes home. No more forced inspiration. It’s like the universe flows through her hand, hand on Wacom board. One take is all she needs for a design that blows away her client. It was meant to be.

By the Way

To our knowledge, we completely made up the story above. What is true, though, is that Cecília Pletser did an amazing job with branding design for Vinczemill, a paper mill in Hungary. We can’t wait to see more of her work.

vincze mill brand design 001

vincze mill brand design 002

vincze mill brand design 003

vincze mill brand design 004
vincze mill brand design 005

vincze mill brand design 006

vincze mill brand design 007

vincze mill brand design 008



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