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Cake Crew – Identity and Minimal Design That Looks Like a Cake

On 21, Aug 2014 | | In Branding, Design, Identity, Illustration, Typography |

This original identity and hand-lettering is the product of Tobias Hall, a designer from London, United Kingdom. The evolution of the work – from initial concept to final design – shows Tobias’ process. The minimal design in this particular work is like baking -¬†going from ingredients to the final cake. The edges of the logo are not perfect, just like a cake. Great work, Tobias, you’ve iced it properly.

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Nord Domos

On 20, Aug 2014 | | In Branding, Identity, Packaging |

Nord Domos is a construction company based in Northern Russia. The design by Anton Burmistov is based on a simple idea that we all want: a warm house.

nord domos002 nord domos003 nord domos004 nord domos005 nord domos006 nord domos007 nord domos008 nord domos009 nord domos010 nord domos011 nord domos012 nord domos013 nord domos014 nord domos015 nord domos016

Focus Group Branding and Identity

On 20, Aug 2014 | | In Branding, Identity, Typography |

Tight and readable typography compliment this simple logo and branding treatment by Maurizio Pagnozzi.

focus group 001 focus group 002 focus group 003 focus group 004 focus group 005 focus group 006 focus group 007 focus group 008 focus group 009 focus group 010 focus group 011 focus group 012



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FR Solutions

On 19, Aug 2014 | | In Branding, Design, Identity |

FR Solutions art direction, branding, and web design by Motyf. The product is a fire-proof partition – look at how the logo combines the fire and shield.

fr solutions




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Twee Identity

On 03, Feb 2014 | | In Design, Identity |

twee notebooks gjia0m twee identity u4kroi twee shipping tube ocqjo1 twee identity closeup gm2hu9 twee stationery qfnjqc twee envelopes oacqxyPersonal identity design from Belgium based agency, Twee. A small agency made up of two brothers, Twee’s identity is quite the attention grabber with their use of duotone screens over wildlife photography. Complimenting the deep blue photography, a vibrant yellow is used on each printed piece.

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