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Branding Examples Have Never Looked So Good

On 09, Oct 2014 | | In Branding, Interface |

Branding examples for ENTER by Tofu Studio.


branding examples 001

branding examples 0023

branding examples 003

branding examples 004

branding examples 005

branding examples 006

branding examples 007

branding examples 008

branding examples 009



In Branding

Microsite Design for 50th Anniversary of Beetle

On 08, Oct 2014 | | In Branding, Interface |

Microsite design by Alan (R3DO) Rodríguez.

From the designer: Due to the beetle 50th aniversary in Mexico we made this website as a commemoration and promotion of the new edition. The website user experience is a journey through the car special features combined with a friendly interface design.

microsite design 001

microsite design 002

microsite design 003

microsite design 005

microsite design 007

microsite design 004

microsite design 006

microsite design 008



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Custom Logo Design and Branding for Studer Institute

On 07, Oct 2014 | | In Branding, Interface |

Custom logo design by Jared Granger, Kris Poore, and Somi Choi.

Local entrepreneur, and nationally recognized healthcare expert, Quint Studer, sought to inspire change within the citizens of the thriving and growing city he calls home. Thus, was born the Studer Institute. The goal was to provide community research and quality of life metrics to inspire citizen-powered change.

idgroup partnered with the Studer Institute to help tell their story. Over the course of that relationship, we conducted a leadership dialogue summit to engage the team charged with sparking this Pensacola change revolution—giving voice to the new organization in a way that would resonate with the community. The Studer Institute story was translated into a visual brand consistent with their story, branded communication materials, a website, online video and a series of advertising highlighting the citizens within our community who are already propelling Pensacola to new heights

 custom logo design 001 custom logo design 002

custom logo design 004

custom logo design 006

custom logo design 005

custom logo design 007

custom logo design 008



In Branding

Custom Branding for Customer Experience Guru

On 02, Oct 2014 | | In Branding, Interface |

Custom branding for Adlin Inc. by Apartment One.

From the designer: “Tamara Adlin, a Customer Experience guru known for her wealth of eCommerce experience and expertise, approached us to revamp the brand presence of her consulting company, Adlin Inc. We focused on two key areas of client interaction: her company website and business card.

Tamara’s bold, dynamic personal style is a key reason she is beloved by clients and colleagues alike. These unique qualities were the inspiration for her new logo, which we executed in her personal handwriting—an approach that imbued the result with her vibrancy and individuality. In designing the user experience and interface, we took cues from Tamara’s own work process, which utilizes ‘whiteboarding’ and post-its to solve and strategize around complex user-experience challenges. With those elements in mind, we created a fun, flexible, whiteboard-inspired framework in which to showcase her site’s various offerings, including consulting, persona development, UX Pioneer interviews, and her personal blog.

We created custom letterpress cards that were edge-painted on all four sides with the four colors showcased on the multi-colored website. Tamara frequents digital and UX conferences and it was important that, much like her, her card would stand out in the crowd. We’re thrilled to have had the opportunity to bring such a special company and identity to life.”


custom branding adlin 002

custom branding adlin 001

custom branding adlin 008

custom branding adlin 003

custom branding adlin 004

custom branding adlin 005

custom branding adlin 006

custom branding adlin 007



In Branding

Website Design for EF Careers

On 01, Oct 2014 | | In Branding, Interface |

Website design for EF Careers by Thomas Le Corre.

From the designer: “8 months in 8 seconds.”


website design ef careers 003

website design ef careers 004

website design ef careers 005

website design ef careers 008

website design ef careers 006

website design ef careers 007

website design ef careers 002

website design ef careers 001