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In Print

Modern Book Design for a Modern Poetry Book

On 28, Nov 2014 | | In Print, Type |

Pristave Book Design by ÄŚrtomir Just


modern book design 001

modern book design 0021 modern book design 0031

modern book design 005

modern book design 004 modern book design 006 modern book design 007 modern book design 008



In Type

Creative Thanksgiving Type Made from Food

On 27, Nov 2014 | | In Type |

Thanksgiving Food Type by Casey Ligon.

From the Designer: Every month, Barkley (the crazy-awesome KCMO ad agency where I work) has a different designer put together the deck for the all-employee staff meeting. The designers always seem to use this opportunity to create fun, explorational content. Since I was asked to design November’s deck, I wanted to see what I could do with food as a medium, so I put together nine images with typography made entirely out of Thanksgiving themed food.


thanksgiving type 0011

thanksgiving type 0021

thanksgiving type 003

thanksgiving type 004



In Branding

Anthewood Furniture Company Branding

On 26, Nov 2014 | | In Branding, Type |

Anthewood Furniture Company Branding by Sebastian Bednarek


furniture branding anthewood 001

furniture branding anthewood 002

furniture branding anthewood 006

furniture branding anthewood 004

furniture branding anthewood 003

furniture branding anthewood 005

furniture branding anthewood 007

furniture branding anthewood 008



In Type

Mural Type Design for a Restaurant

On 25, Nov 2014 | | In Type |

A Sherlock Holmes-themed, hand painted mural for Zizzi Baker Street by Tobias Hall


mura type design 001

mura type design 002

mura type design 003

mura type design 004

mura type design 005

mura type design 006

mura type design 007

mura type design 0083



In Branding

Art Deco Branding Design for a Coffee Shop

On 21, Nov 2014 | | In Branding, Type |

Espresso Boutique Branding by Estudio Menta

From the designer: Identity suite for a coffee shop in Miami Beach, inspired by Art Deco and classic boutiques.


coffee shop branding 002

coffee shop branding 003

coffee shop branding 004

coffee shop branding 005

coffee shop branding 006

coffee shop branding 007

coffee shop branding 001