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In Packaging

Bottle Packaging for Finisima by Savvy Studio

On 02, Oct 2014 | | In Packaging, Typography |

Bottle packaging by Savvy Studio.

From the designer: “Finísima is an artisanal beer that leans on independent brewing without sacrificing the reach and reception of more commercial brands. A Golden Ale, perfect for introducing the unaccustomed drinker into the world of artisanal beer and yet, its style is respected by connoisseurs.

Visually, it conveys a premium and defying presence. Through unusual formats, it displays top-quality finishes and materials. This is contrasted by a graphic language inspired on Pedro Friedeberg’s work and the Mexican surrealists from the 50s and 60s. We want to create an imaginary universe inspired by bohemian nights and struggling artists where Finísima is served as an antidote against routine or a potion for freedom and artistic creation.

Visually there is a need to continue with a premium and challenging aesthetic, using materials and high quality finishes in unusual formats, contrasted by a language inspired by the work of Pedro Friedeberg and Mexican surrealism of the 50 and 60. We seek to create an image based on lost bohemian nights in bars, misunderstood artists, and an antidote to routine in favor of free artistic creation.”


bottle packaging finisima 001

bottle packaging finisima 003

bottle packaging finisima 002

bottle packaging finisima 005

bottle packaging finisima 006

bottle packaging finisima 007

bottle packaging finisima 009

bottle packaging finisima 008



In Branding

Clever Branding for a Shoe Store and Ecommerce

On 01, Oct 2014 | | In Branding, Typography |

Clever branding for I Love Shoes by Eskimo.

From the designer: “People love shoes, many shoes. They like buy new models, collect them, care about it. If there is a lot of shoes you need a place where you can keep all of them. The best decision is shoe shelf, which includes many sections for any items. This symbol was used for logo of I LOVE SHOES store.

Like the shelves can be different and the logo has some variations. It has a mathematical proportions and that’s why it’s easy transformable.

White, yellow and brown color palette creates feeling of comfort and easiness with a little touch of luxury. For corporate cards there were made holders in the shape of shoes. They would be used in store cash zone.

White personal business cards (600 g/m2) were embossed over the silk printed text to create imitation of the shoe shelves.

Website design continues identity style. It keeps impression of purity because of new layout and color scheme.”


clever branding design 002

clever branding design 001

clever branding design 003

clever branding design 004

clever branding design 005

clever branding design 006

clever branding design 007

clever branding design 008



In Branding

Lively Branding for Montz

On 01, Oct 2014 | | In Branding, Typography |

Lively branding for Montz by Manu Berlanga.  That’s easily the best custom envelope we’ve ever seen.


lively branding montz 002

lively branding montz 003

lively branding montz 004

lively branding montz 006

lively branding montz 005

lively branding montz 001



In Typography

Original Typography – Lixo Typeface by Aranxza Lopez Alvizo

On 30, Sep 2014 | | In Typography |

Original typography by Aranxza Lopez Alvizo. From the designer: “Inspired by Russian Constructivism, Lixo is a sans-serif typeface.”


original typography lixo 001

original typography lixo 004

original typography lixo 006

original typography lixo 003

original typography lixo 005

original typography lixo 002



In Branding

Website Branding and Identity for Granum by Maks Arbuzov

On 30, Sep 2014 | | In Branding, Typography |

Website branding by Maks Arbuzov.

From the designer: “Granum (грани english translate verge) is the website about the architecture and all sides of the creation and design of buildings and structures. Simple logotype Granum transmits multifaceted of website and occurs where there are verges.”

 website branding granum 002

website branding granum 005

website branding granum 001

website branding granum 003

website branding granum 004