5 Countries with the Best Fashion Industry in Europe

There are 5 countries with the best fashion industry in Europe. They are all named as the fashion capitals in the continent. Each one of them has their own impressive achievements in fashion, including when it comes to fashion culture, fashion shows, and fashion-shopping centers.

If you love fashion and you plan to travel to Europe in the near future, here is the list of 5 countries that you should visit teespro.id


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France, particularly its capital Paris, is the home of numerous fashion houses such as Dior, Coco Chanel, and Yves Saint Laurent. This is why Paris is labeled as the home of fashion in Europe, especially when it comes to high-fashion.

This beautiful European country has a lot of cities for fashion shopping scene. It is not just Paris, but also other cities. If you want to buy fashionable items with sensible prices, Paris and other cities in France can provide that.

United Kingdom

UK is like the Mecca of fashion industry. It must be visited. UK, especially London, has become the center for fashion designers to expand their market. Those prominent London-based fashion designers are including Burberry and Alexander McQueen.

All across UK and London, you can find fashion markets, including the infamous Camden Market. These markets offer the visitors some of the best fashion-shopping experiences possible all across Europe.


There is no doubt that Italy has best fashion industry in Europe. Italy, particularly Milan, is the home of some of the greatest fashion shows held annually. Milan is also where you can find the original fashion brands.

They are including Moschino, Dolce & Gabbana, Valentino, Prada, Vercase, and of course Gucci. Other cities in Italy, such as Naples, are also great for fashion shopping spree, even though the center of all has to be Milan.


Spain is not only famous for its sport events. The country is also famous for its fashion. Spain, especially Barcelona, is the home base of European fashion. Many tourists come to Barcelona to enjoy the relatively inexpensive fashion shopping experience.

There are plenty of Barcelona-based global fashion brands. You are probably familiar with Mango, Balenciaga, or Zara. They are all centered in Barcelona, which is great to visit. This is why Spain must be included when it comes to European fashion centers.


It is now clear where to find fashion-centered countries all across Europe. However, let’s not forget Germany. Germany or its capital Berlin in particular, offers great array of fashion shopping industry. There are numerous cities in Germany that have become shopping district.

You can find a lot of world-famous designers from Germany, including Lala Berlin, Karl Lagerfeld, and many others. They have their brands sold all across the country for visitors and tourists to enjoy.

Even though there are many other places in the world with amazing fashion industry, like in Japan and USA, apparently those European countries are still more prominent. They indeed have the best fashion industry in Europe. That is why they are visited constantly by fashion enthusiasts all the time.

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