Get Inspired for PhD Thesis Writing

You can often be so excited to start your PhD thesis, but finishing becomes difficult. Motivation fluctuations are expected, especially when writing your thesis. The journey from the start to the end of your thesis is quite a lonely one, and as you progress and your workload increases, you become worn out and less motivated. As you continue writing your dissertation, you are likely to develop an element of uncertainty concerning the quality of your work. Hopefully, such an article is the thesis writing help you need to train yourself on staying motivated during thesis writing process till the end. The tips provided will help you with PhD thesis writing motivation to finish your thesis on time:

  1. Check your expectation

The first step of seeking thesis motivation is to stop expecting considerably too much from yourself.  Goals and ambition drive us, but they should not drown us. You can’t give 100% all day, every day. Off days should not be a big deal to you. Allow and accept the times you are having bad days and seek better days when you are motivated to continue with your thesis.

  1. Have a bigger picture in mind

Having a more extensive picture helps you manage expectations well enough. It would be best if you had time to reflect on the starting point of your writing and the things that motivated you then to write that paper relentlessly. With a bigger picture in mind, you see each off day as one small step in the long journey to finishing your thesis.

  1. Concentrate on matters you can control

With lowered self-expectations and the bigger picture in mind, focus on the things and matters within your control to get the PhD thesis writing motivation you need. You can control aspects such as your daily routines, self-care procedures, and phone habits to boost your motivation.

  1. Create specific to-do lists

Controlling your approach to the daily tasks you have in your day is essential to know what you wish to accomplish by the end of the day. You need to know how to motivate yourself to write your thesis and stop thinking about “who will motivate me to write my thesis.” Break down the task into manageable smaller jobs in your to-do list to accomplish your target for the day.

  1. Create a comfortable, distraction-free workspace

After breaking down tasks into manageable units, choose a workspace that is conducive for writing your thesis. Turn your phone off to focus on finishing your thesis.

  1. Take care of the urgent and important tasks first

When you think of how to get motivated to write thesis, having the tasks to focus on first will boost your motivation. Focus on tasks that are urgent and important and leave the less urgent and less important for later.

  1. Reward yourself for your accomplishments

Once you can follow your to-do list and accomplish the urgent and essential tasks, offer yourself a reward. Giving yourself credit makes you feel motivated to handle more tasks. At the end of the process, celebrate accomplishments and successes.

  1. Cross over the shit valley

The shit valley is the point in your writing process where you are stuck and find a tough time getting any more work done. You may be stuck, but such a point is when you need the motivation to defy all odds and get your thesis going. Halfway through your thesis it is common to happen, and you need to strengthen and foster motivation within you to wade through the valley.


When you are done with your thesis, you will be proud of yourself and what you have achieved so far. Seek to be kind to yourself on days when you lack the motivation to write that extra sentence or analyze that one set of data. Explore the tips given here to find ways to finish your thesis. Keep going until you earn the title you seek.

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