4 Excellent and Modern Kitchen Renovation Ideas

You have ideas to transform old kitchen into new one. Several kitchen renovation ideas will be capable to fulfill what you want and need. You can either change small section, adding new furniture, rearrange, or start from scratch.

Basic function for kitchen is preparing food, including cooking. Before renovation, you should not forget the functionality. Focusing on appearance is not bad thing, but functionality is the top priority.

Flooring Ideas

Flooring Ideas
Image Source: architecturaldigest.com

Flooring is the first step when you need full renovation. To replace old tiles, you need to choose new one that suits your kitchen style. Several ideas for such purpose are available at below list.

  • Simple and plain tile
  • Chessboard surface
  • Hardwood tiles
  • Using rug under table

Simple and plain means you only use single color, whether bright or dark tone. Mostly, you apply this style because your do not want to bother with small detail. As long as the floor is fit, there is no issue at all.

Chessboard surface provide black and white pattern. Hardwood uses material from nature with solid and strong durability. Instead of new floor, add rug under table to bring different style.

Kitchen Wall Ideas

Floor has important aspect at kitchen. You may change the way wall appears to bring fresh and new idea. Several ways are available to do such things.

The simplest way is adding new color to cover existing painting. In general, the floor should go side by side with floor. When you have kitchen renovation ideas to change the floor, the wall cannot be ignored.

Besides painting directly, using tile is alternative to decorate kitchen. Keep in mind that tiles are not for the entire wall, but only at certain location. For example, you can add new tiles for backsplash. It is useful as decoration and wall protection.

Minimalist Style

Minimalist Style
Image Source: countryliving.com

Minimalist or small kitchen ideas emerge in modern life. The design focuses on functionality, but appears as simple as possible. You use only what you need in kitchen without unnecessary thing or tool.

You can start from wall and floor with bright colors, commonly white. It brings simple and elegant atmosphere. After that, arrange tiles in specific pattern, such as diagonal to give expanded point of view. Add open and hanging shelves to replace closed cabinet.

Minimalist is about utmost functionality in limited space. You can still arrange this style in bigger room, while let more space for another purpose. Such area is useful for breakfast nook, dining section, or kitchen lounge.

Adding a Kitchen Island

If you do not have time to change furniture, add new painting, or replace tiles. What you need is a kitchen island. This is the simplest idea because of less cost and easy to implement.

A kitchen island is furniture like big table with several features. You can do preparing cooking, store food or ingredients, even dining there. It is located at room center where you still have enough space for clearance. You should choose it based on how big room for kitchen renovation ideas.

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