4 Excellent and Modern Kitchen Renovation Ideas

You have ideas to transform old kitchen into new one. Several kitchen renovation ideas will be capable to fulfill what you want and need. You can either change small section, adding new furniture, rearrange, or start from scratch.

Basic function for kitchen is preparing food, including cooking. Before renovation, you should not forget the functionality. Focusing on appearance is not bad thing, but functionality is the top priority.

Flooring Ideas

Flooring Ideas
Image Source: architecturaldigest.com

Flooring is the first step when you need full renovation. To replace old tiles, you need to choose new one that suits your kitchen style. Several ideas for such purpose are available at below list.

  • Simple and plain tile
  • Chessboard surface
  • Hardwood tiles
  • Using rug under table

Simple and plain means you only use single color, whether bright or dark tone. Mostly, you apply this style because your do not want to bother with small detail. As long as the floor is fit, there is no issue at all.

Chessboard surface provide black and white pattern. Hardwood uses material from nature with solid and strong durability. Instead of new floor, add rug under table to bring different style.

Kitchen Wall Ideas

Floor has important aspect at kitchen. You may change the way wall appears to bring fresh and new idea. Several ways are available to do such things.

The simplest way is adding new color to cover existing painting. In general, the floor should go side by side with floor. When you have kitchen renovation ideas to change the floor, the wall cannot be ignored.

Besides painting directly, using tile is alternative to decorate kitchen. Keep in mind that tiles are not for the entire wall, but only at certain location. For example, you can add new tiles for backsplash. It is useful as decoration and wall protection.

Minimalist Style

Minimalist Style
Image Source: countryliving.com

Minimalist or small kitchen ideas emerge in modern life. The design focuses on functionality, but appears as simple as possible. You use only what you need in kitchen without unnecessary thing or tool.

You can start from wall and floor with bright colors, commonly white. It brings simple and elegant atmosphere. After that, arrange tiles in specific pattern, such as diagonal to give expanded point of view. Add open and hanging shelves to replace closed cabinet.

Minimalist is about utmost functionality in limited space. You can still arrange this style in bigger room, while let more space for another purpose. Such area is useful for breakfast nook, dining section, or kitchen lounge.

Adding a Kitchen Island

If you do not have time to change furniture, add new painting, or replace tiles. What you need is a kitchen island. This is the simplest idea because of less cost and easy to implement.

A kitchen island is furniture like big table with several features. You can do preparing cooking, store food or ingredients, even dining there. It is located at room center where you still have enough space for clearance. You should choose it based on how big room for kitchen renovation ideas.

4 Important and Useful Low Residue Diet

Low Residue Diet

Your doctor might say you need low residue diet. This term seems unfamiliar because it’s not for regular diet program. People who have this kind of diet might have issue in their digestive system, such as ulcerative colitis and Chron’s disease

In simple definition, this diet reduces foods with high fiber to decrease bowel and stool movement. Undigested foods will go along the way until released as feces. That situation also happens for food that cannot be absorbed. Therefore, you need to ease intestine work to soothe stomach.

Grains, Snack, and Sweet Diet

What foods are for this diet? Firstly, you cannot eat fiber-based foods like nuts and seeds on cereal or snack. On the other side, you have permission to consume refined grains, such as white rice, white breads, farina, etc. As long as there are no seeds, all grains are safe.

Having this diet does not mean you are prohibited to consume snack and sweet. Candy is allowed, but only refined version without seeds. Examples of snack are:

  • plain cake
  • cookies
  • vanilla wafers
  • ice cream
  • hard candy
  • ice pops

Fruits And Vegetables Diet

Fruits And Vegetables Diet
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Seeds in vegetables and fruits also contain fiber. Before you eat, get rid of them and remove their skin. Vegetables with green leaf are not eligible to eat, including cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, and spinach.

On the other hand, you may enjoy low residue diet with carrot, asparagus, green beans, mushroom, and beets. Potato is also good, but you should peel its skin before cooking. Moreover, tomato has seeds, so put them away first if you want to consume it.

For fruits, there are many options like banana, avocado, mango, even apple. However, it is better to avoid prune and lemon juice at all due to heavy seeds. Basically, get rid of the skin and seeds before ready to eat. As you know, seeds give bowel more tasks to digest.

Meat, Dairy Products, And Milk Diet

Meat, Dairy Products, And Milk Diet
Image Source: ibdrelief.com

Most of plant-based foods contain fiber because that is where the most sources comes from. You can eat meat, dairy product, milk, cheese, and chicken for this diet. Milk is free from fiber, but be careful for intolerant lactose. It may induce cramping and diarrhea.

Meat and chicken are the safest foods at all for this diet. Animal products have small portion of fiber, even none. The examples of this food are fish, chicken, lamb, pork, beef, etc. Before consuming them, make sure to keep the texture as tender and soft as possible.

Drinks for Low Residue Diet

There is no much restriction regarding drink for this diet. You can get milk, tea, coffee, and carbonated beverage. Sugar intake does not affect your digestive and intestine, but increase sugar level in blood.

If you want to drink juice or smoothie, make sure to remove seeds and skin. As long as there is no lemon pulp, almost fruits are safe. For apple, you may wait until your bowel is at good condition. Vegetable juices are also eligible for low residue diet without seeds.

4 Benefits of Doing High Protein Diet (for Your Overall Health)

protein food diet

High protein diet is one of the healthiest kinds of diet. It is packed with protein sources, such as lean meat, fish, dairy, and eggs. Protein is great for your body. It helps body to stay healthy by regulating the tissues and organs inside of it. There are many benefits that your body gets from consuming this type of diet. Below are some of them.

Protein Prevents Food Craving

Protein Prevents Food Craving
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Protein-packed diet is useful to reduce hunger. This type of diet also helps you to consume fewer calories. Protein can do that because it has the ability to enhance the production of weight regulating hormones.

By making these hormones plentiful and working properly, you will feel less hungry and more controllable appetite. Besides, protein can make you feel full for longer time because:

  • It is the most filling macronutrients, compared to fats and carbohydrates.
  • Hunger hormone called ghrelin is suppressed by protein, making you feel full longer.
  • It is digested slowly in the stomach, keeping you full for long time.

Protein Increases Muscle Mass

If you are into body building, high protein diet is what you need the most. It is because the macronutrient has the ability to form the muscles of body. Eating plenty of high protein ingredients helps to increase the mass of muscles as well as their strength.

Numerous body builders eat dozen of hard boiled eggs every day. However, they only consume the whites and left the yolk part. Egg whites are highly packed with macronutrient, making it the most eligible super food for body builders.

Protein Nourishes Bones

There is a myth telling people that protein, especially the ones coming from animals, can damage the bones. Well, it is not true at all. The fact is quite on the contrary because protein is actually really great for bones.

By consuming healthy diet packed protein, people can get better bone health. Bones-related problems, such as osteoporosis can be prevented easily by eating this type of diet.

This is basically you need to consume the healthy diet every day to gain health and strength of the bones. The most recommended type of protein-packed food for bone health is milk, cheese, and other dairy products.

Protein Prevents Food Craving

Protein Prevents Food Craving
Image Source: foodpower.info

If you are in a diet, food craving is dangerous. It is hard to control and often happens late at night. If you succumb to this food craving, your diet will be ruined.

During the day, eat protein-packed foods. They will make you feel full way longer and prevent from craving for food in the middle of the night.

  • If you really have to take snacks, eat protein-packed snacks instead, such as:
  • Peanut butter celery sticks
  • Vegetables with yogurt dip
  • Trail mix

Besides all benefits above, there are still many other benefits from eating protein-packed diet every day. Do not worry about gaining weight, though, because of consuming this type of diet. Protein makes sure that your body is functioning properly without making you fat. Thus, you do not need to think twice when it comes to regularly eating high protein diet.