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Illustration Design of Xtreme Bugs

On 02, Sep 2014 | | In Branding, Illustration |

Micael Butial lives and breathes design. Since he was a kid he also had a passion for bugs. Looking at them, collecting them, learning about them.

Micael developed this exhibition project with his guiding design principles. He uses unity, pattern and rhythm to guide his illustration design.

Micael’s favorite tool? His French Press. He says “I need my coffee every morning.” So do we.

You can see more of Micael Butial’s work on Behance.

xtreme bugs illustration 001 xtreme bugs illustration 002 xtreme bugs illustration 003 xtreme bugs illustration 004 xtreme bugs illustration 005 xtreme bugs illustration 000




In Branding

Restaurant Branding and Packaging for Rotonda

On 02, Sep 2014 | | In Branding, Packaging |

Restaurant branding has so many needs for brand compatibility. From menus to uniforms and to-go boxes, there’s no shortage of imagination in the design process. Sonia Ri brands the entire restaurant from scratch with an assist from a 3D artist to complete the renderings.

From Sonia Ri:

Project: Branding concept for “Rotonda” restaurant
Client: RADUGA7, Moscow
My Services: Art Direction, Branding Design, Interior References Selection, Retouching
Special Thanks: 
to Andrew Tu, who patiently helped me with 3d modeling and visualization, allowing the Rotonda project to become more real and vivid starting from the concept stage.

See more of Sonia’s work on Behance. Beyond restaurant branding we also recommend her Metafizika work that shows the evolution from sculpture to logo to complete brand.

rotonda restaurant branding 001 rotonda restaurant branding 005 rotonda restaurant branding 002 rotonda restaurant branding 008 rotonda restaurant branding 003 rotonda restaurant branding 006 600x407 rotonda restaurant branding 004 rotonda restaurant branding 007



In Branding

Lotuff Leather Has Typographic Logo That Politely Says “Premium”

On 01, Sep 2014 | | In Branding, Design, Typography |

From the designer:

Lotuff Leather creates fine quality, handcrafted leather bags by combining inherent functionality with classic beauty. We partnered with Lotuff to re-brand their design—the project includes, brand identity, stationery system, print collateral, product packaging, and an e-commerce website. We designed a logo that would be as timeless as their bags and created a branding system that validates the sense of luxury and quality found in each Lotuff product. The color palette is defined by a warm black with undertones of brown, tan, and an aubergine accent color. The print materials were letterpressed on premium, uncoated, off-white paper. The website is built on a customized e-commerce platform. Check out the Lotuff Leather website we designed here.

“We approached Bluerock Design with the project of giving our e-commerce site a design refresh that could translate seamlessly to our other forms of collateral, from stationary to packaging. We were on a quest for an overarching look that, despite the inherent contradiction, was both classic and modern. Ben and Lainey delivered clean, beautiful results that continue to strike just the right chord. They were open to our input and incorporated tweaks and suggestions whenever necessary. Their belief in our brand was apparent, and it showed through in their genuine desire to make something timeless.”
–Lotuff Leather

Learn more about the designer at

lotuff leather packaging design 001 lotuff leather packaging design 002 lotuff leather packaging design 005 lotuff leather packaging design 006 lotuff leather packaging design 003 lotuff leather packaging design 007 lotuff leather packaging design 004 lotuff leather packaging design 008

Modern Stationery Design with a Classic Edge – Seed House

On 30, Aug 2014 | | In Branding, Design, Identity, Typography |

Stitch Design Co. is a design firm with a strong sense of spacing and type. We especially like their stationery design. First and foremost they brand and communicate. Their work on Seed House shows off their design aesthetic. Seed House is a print shop that would rather do work right and by hand. They’re lucky to have such a strong brand, thanks in large part to Stitch Design Co.

Check out more of their work at

seed house branding stationery 0011 seed house branding stationery 0021 seed house branding stationery 0031 seed house branding stationery 0041 seed house branding stationery 0051 seed house branding stationery 0061



In Branding

Why Packaging Design Matters to High End Brands – Minori Sake

On 29, Aug 2014 | | In Branding, Packaging |

This packaging design incorporates multiple, complementary materials and a bold color scheme. It was produced by Michael Nguyen, a Communication Design student at RMIT University. A second year project to package a product into a high-end target audience. The brand identity developed is called ‘Minori’ meaning harvest in Japanese. The cloudy sake references rice growers of the Niigata region.

You can find Michael @

minori sake packaging 0011minori sake packaging 002 minori sake packaging 003 minori sake packaging 005minori sake packaging 0041