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Luthia – A Fresh Take on Branding Typography with Plenty of White Space

On 28, Aug 2014 | | In Branding, Typography |

Luthia is a Buenos Aires based firm. It sells handmade, detailed and artisanal backpacks and totes. Through a simple yet elegant design we tried to communicate the brand attributes of simplicity, happiness and quality. We achieved this through a minimal and tactile aesthetic; white & grey palette, porous & pure white paper and embossing. It is a minimalistic and aesthetically pleasing brand.


Empatia is a small firm and proud of it. They work with great brands and their designs are always minimal and focused on clean typography. Their process is well-defined – it’s spelled out on their beautiful website – and incorporates a healthy dose of listening and client objectives before ever getting to design. In other words, they focus on branding that gets results. Real ones.

luthia branding typography001 luthia branding typography002

The typographic branding conveys function and simple form that quickly communicates. Like a bag, it is the job of the brand to perform a definite purpose and then get out of the way. At the same time, it’s always with you keeping your valuables, so it had better look good.

luthia branding typography003 luthia branding typography004

The embossed detail on Luthia’s business cards adds a new dimension to the typography. The focus on white space and the removal of all non-essential information maintains the high functionality and elegance of the brand.

luthia branding typography005 luthia branding typography006 luthia branding typography007 luthia branding typography008

We especially love the tags that look more like well-designed decoration. When buying a fashion accessory we expect everything to be high fashion – including the packaging.

luthia branding typography009 luthia branding typography010 luthia branding typography011 luthia branding typography012 luthia branding typography013 luthia branding typography014 luthia branding typography015 luthia branding typography016 luthia branding typography017 luthia branding typography018 luthia branding typography019 luthia branding typography020 luthia branding typography021

The elegant script typography on the tags conveys almost a whispered message to the reader.

Check out more of Empatia’s work at



In Packaging

How to Take Coffee Packaging Out of the Bag – Wishbone Brew

On 28, Aug 2014 | | In Packaging |

One of the key roles of Packaging is to ‘represent an experience’ in the decision making process – it can remind customers of the experience they had before (if they bought it before and liked it) or represent the experience that they are hoping to have (if they haven’t purchased it before). At that moment of truth when they are standing at the shelf or comparing product online, subconsciously they are deciding which will deliver the best experience.

-Joshua Vanderheide

Just read one of Joshua’s posts about packaging and you’re immediately struck by his dedication. His constant questioning leads to imagination and new ideas. The coffee packaging for Wishbone Brew is different. It combines an industrial look – how a motor oil can might have looked in the 50′s. Then he combines it plenty of white space, warm colors, and a slightly unexpected product inside.

Sans and Serif talked to Joshua about his work on the project.

AKA 070614x008

What was your inspiration for this particular design?

We challenged ourselves to re-think traditional coffee packaging. We love coffee, but see that most people use the same containers and vessels, we thought there was an opportunity to take a new, fresh approach with a handcrafted feel.

AKA 070614x018

What are three of the principles that guide your design choices?

Knowledge – researching the market, understanding the creative and competitive landscape to know how to best position a brand in the market. Simplicity – in a cluttered world, simple things stand out and gain attention using restrain vs. shouting at the consumer. Tactility – Holding and feeling something in your hands is where you can make true emotional connections with brands and packaging, it has to feel nice, not just look nice.

WB 062614x009

Who is the designer you look up to the most and why?

Steve Grasse (Art in the Age) – He has moved from designer to product maker, most known for designing and creating

Hendricks Gin – he has gone beyond the design to build a product using his design skill set and done very well.

Stranger and Stranger – For their attention to detail and execution and promotion of high quality packaging work.

WB 062614x004 600x407

What is the one tool you couldn’t live without?

The internet. It has allowed for us to quickly research the markets and broaden our perspective into visual trends and ideas from places outside our local markets.

Joshua Vanderheide and Jesse Bannister founded Also Known As in 2010 in Vancouver, Canada. Impressed with what you see? You should be. Check out more of their work at



In Design

New Eden – Typography and Book Design for Video Game Environments

On 26, Aug 2014 | | In Design, Typography |

Here’s what Christian Ernst, the artist behind this book design, has to say:

In  second semester typography course at HTW Berlin we were assigned to design and produce a book. After teaming up with Alex Venus and Robin Soyka for the project we decided to work on a book that showcases great environment design in games and other virtual spaces.

This began as a student project based on a simple idea: showcase the engrossing environments made alive in video games. It turned out to be a viral idea. It is also one of the most interesting works he has ever created.

New Eden’s book design features minimal typography and icon design to get out of the way of colorful backdrops. The titles and text – like the scenery – are bold and remind us of book design for the best coffee table pieces.

You’ll see more from Christian Ernst soon. You can find him at

new eden002

new eden001new eden003     new eden004new eden005

new eden011 new eden009 new eden008 new eden006

new eden007 new eden009 new eden008 new eden010 new eden012

new eden013


new eden014 new eden015 new eden016 new eden017 new eden018 new eden019 new eden020 new eden021 new eden022




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Little Black Book – Minimal Design and Branding by Freytag Anderson

On 25, Aug 2014 | | In Branding |

A brand identity project for London based Little Black Book. LBB is the online creative resource for the global advertising community. The project also included website reskin, stationery design and promotional materials. Freytag Anderson – the design studio behind this branding project – have a minimal design aesthetic and keep only what is necessary. The packaging is simple, well-designed, and elegant. Every piece of the puzzle fits together like a mosaic. 

Contact the Designers

Visit Freytag Anderson on the web at

01 logo

02 packaging

03 packagin

04 printing

05 website



In Typography

Jeremy Vessey – Beautiful Imagery + Simple Script Typography

On 22, Aug 2014 | | In Typography |

This post is a little different than most because it’s about a designer rather than a a single brand. Jeremy Vessey is a designer in Canada focused on typography and UI, and these works showcase his talents in a clean and inspirational way.

Failure 960x960 Wander 960x960 Inspire 960x960 Hustle 960x960 Greater 960x960 Embrace 960x960 Dictate 960x960 Brave 960x960