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In Packaging

Nalewka\'s Home-Made Beverage and Hand Made Packaging

On 26, Nov 2014 | | In Packaging |

Nalewka Branding and Packaging by Foxtrot Studio.

From the Designer:  Nalewka [na’lɛfka] is a traditional Polish category of alcoholic beverage which is made by maceration of fruits, roots, spices and herbs in alcohol. In these days also industrially produced, however, the best taste comes from homemade method which is appreciated by many connoisseurs of this liquor. Our Nalewka was intended to be a gift for our friends and customers. Prepared almost entirely by hand from the beverage, to the final details of packaging.


hand made packaging 001

hand made packaging 005

hand made packaging 002

hand made packaging 003

hand made packaging 004

hand made packaging 007

hand made packaging 006





In Branding

Anthewood Furniture Company Branding

On 26, Nov 2014 | | In Branding, Type |

Anthewood Furniture Company Branding by Sebastian Bednarek


furniture branding anthewood 001

furniture branding anthewood 002

furniture branding anthewood 006

furniture branding anthewood 004

furniture branding anthewood 003

furniture branding anthewood 005

furniture branding anthewood 007

furniture branding anthewood 008



In Branding

Black and White Branding Design for O Monot

On 25, Nov 2014 | | In Branding |

O Monot Branding Design by Tania Bousamra


black and white branding 001

black and white branding 003

black and white branding 0021

black and white branding 0041

black and white branding 005

black and white branding 006

black and white branding 007



In Branding

Roma23 Nail Spa Branding and Packaging

On 25, Nov 2014 | | In Branding, Packaging |

Roma23 Nail Spa Branding and Packaging by Firmalt


spa branding roma23 0012

spa branding roma23 003

spa branding roma23 0061

spa branding roma23 008

spa branding roma23 002

spa branding roma23 005

spa branding roma23 0071

spa branding roma23 0041



In Type

Mural Type Design for a Restaurant

On 25, Nov 2014 | | In Type |

A Sherlock Holmes-themed, hand painted mural for Zizzi Baker Street by Tobias Hall


mura type design 001

mura type design 002

mura type design 003

mura type design 004

mura type design 005

mura type design 006

mura type design 007

mura type design 0083