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Modern Branding Design for Polka

On 17, Dec 2014 | | In Apps & Web, Branding |

Polka Branding Design by Yuta Takahasi

From the Designer:  POLKA goes overseas and buys bland-new products form all over the world, then sells and introduces a wide variety of lifestyle products via internet to customers mainly in Japan.

When I created POLKA’s brand image, I expressed the passion, pioneering spirit, and many of interests as POLKA’s identity.

By used of polka dot that is the origin of the name of POLKA, I produced the logotype that is full of modernity and joy. Then, by extracting the dots, I designed the original pattern of random arrangement of large and small four dots. It expresses the interests, pioneering spirit , passions, funs, the claims of individuality of POLKA.


modern branding design 001

modern branding design 002

modern branding design 003

modern branding design 004

modern branding design 005

modern branding design 006



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Tea House Branding and Packaging Design

On 17, Dec 2014 | | In Branding, Packaging |

Tomas Tea House Branding and Packaging Design by Savvy Studio


tea house branding tomas 001

tea house branding tomas 002

tea house branding tomas 003

tea house branding tomas 004

tea house branding tomas 006

tea house branding tomas 005



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Bath and Body Works Holiday Packaging Design

On 16, Dec 2014 | | In Packaging |

Holiday Packaging Design for Bath & Body Works by Beardwood & Co.

From the Designer: A family of fun and fashionable characters reenacting Holiday moments creates a nostalgic Christmas story with a modern twist. A variety of scenes for each fragrance drives desire and collectability.

Stitch by stitch, we graphically knitted designs for each fragrance to create the ultimate Christmas sweater collection. The Fair Isle patterns add a sense of fashion and fun while connecting back to the core line.


holiday packaging design 001 960x639

holiday packaging design 002 960x639

holiday packaging design 003 960x529

holiday packaging design 004 960x529

holiday packaging design 006 960x639

holiday packaging design 005 960x639



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Elegant Branding for Blvd.

On 16, Dec 2014 | | In Apps & Web, Branding |

Elegant Branding Design for Blvd. by Philippe Archontakis, DGA


 elegant branding blvd 001

elegant branding blvd 004

elegant branding blvd 002

elegant branding blvd 007

elegant branding blvd 006

elegant branding blvd 005



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Art Deco Packaging Design for Artisan Soaps

On 16, Dec 2014 | | In Branding, Packaging |

Art Deco Packaging Design for London Fields Soap Company by One Darnley Road

From the Designers: Launching as an artisan brand in east London, this new company wanted an identity that complimented their handmade, organic and beautiful products. The brand’s ambition is to “bring back the bar”, with soaps that are good for the skin and the environment. For their branding we looked to clean, graphic Art-Deco textile patterns that reflect both a history of craft and a modern sensibility.


art deco packaging design 001 960x775

art deco packaging design 004 960x675

art deco packaging design 003 960x747

art deco packaging design 002 960x719

art deco packaging design 005 960x668