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In Design

Weather App Design by Jonathan Quinin

On 17, Sep 2014 | | In Design, Interface |

Weather app design by Jonathan Quintin. From the designer:

Development on a self initiated project for a dashboard for the world’s weather. I wanted to bring abit of personality to the locations using well know phrases to compliment the location.

Keeping the design clean and subtle, yet using gradient accent points for rollover / active states.

STUDIOJQ Do not own the rights to any of the images used.

Designed at STUDIOJQ©

weather app design 001

weather app design 002


weather app design 003

weather app design 004

weather app design 005

weather app design 006

weather app design 007

weather app design 008 weather app design 009

weather app design 010



In Packaging

Music Packaging for Emily Haines

On 16, Sep 2014 | | In Packaging |

Music packaging by Joshua Lynne.

emily haines music packaging 001

emily haines music packaging 002

emily haines music packaging 003

emily haines music packaging 004

emily haines music packaging 005



In Branding

T-Shirt Design and Branding for Hickory Co

On 16, Sep 2014 | | In Branding, Typography |

T-shirt design and branding for Hickory Co by Zane Kaiser.

hickory co branding 001

hickory co branding 002

hickory co branding 003

hickory co branding 004

hickory co branding 005

hickory co branding 006

hickory co branding 007

hickory co branding 008



In Packaging

Headphones Packaging – New Zealand All Blacks for Ruby World Cup

On 15, Sep 2014 | | In Packaging |

Headphones packaging and design by Max Kuehne and Paperlux.

From the designers:

Congratulations to the All Blacks on winning the Rugby World Cup 2011! adidas asked our friends and partners from The Art Box Collection to develop a present for the players and 40 partners. Alex Sun and Richard Lange developed 70 personalised and individual boxes together with our Creative Director Max Kuehne. This unique cherrywod box is etched with motives developed by the moko-artist Rangi Kipa from New Zealand. The doors can be pushed open into 4 directions and generate 4 different mokos. Inside the box, personalized Sennheiser headphones and an individualised book are found – each covered with the original material of the famous black jersey. The rest of the book tells the story of a 12-year long partnership – building on Pride, Passion and Partnership.


headphones packaging design 0013

headphones packaging design 004

headphones packaging design 002

headphones packaging design 005

headphones packaging design 003

headphones packaging design 006